Customer Service Representative

Project Description

This is an ideal career if you’re after a fast paced,  multi-tasking customer focused role. Ingham Customer Service Representative support the dealer network in the centralised Call Centre helping every area of the dealership.

The Ingham Auto Academy Customer Service program will ensure you know all the ins-and-outs of working in an inbound and outbound high functioning call centre. You will become a specialist in phone communication and the ablity to multi task across multiple computer programmes and areas of the business.

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If you’re passionate about customer service, or want to get in insight into the makings of a car dealership and work your way up the automotive ladder, then a Customer Service Representative is the beginning.

You’ll need to be a multi-tasker extraordinaire and bring a friendly, positive attitude to work every day.

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A combination of workplace learning, off-job training and self-motivated study:

  • Customer Service skills.
  • Team relationship skills.
  • Customised computer programmes.
  • Multitasking extremes.

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